Anzu Is Shortlisted For The Best use of Emerging Media At The Digiday Media Buying & Planning Awards

Anzu has been shortlisted at the prestigious Digiday Media Buying & Planning Awards for a campaign it ran with Levi's.

Anzu has been shortlisted for the 'Best Use Of Emerging Media' award at this year's Media Buying & Planning Awards from Digiday for an intrinsic in-game advertising campaign for the iconic fashion brand Levi's.

Anzu partnered with The Trade Desk and OMD on the campaign, which ran within its intrinsic in-game ad placements across a curated list of premium PC and mobile games. Anzu also worked with Oracle Moat and On Device Research to help understand the campaign's impact.

"We are honored to have been shortlisted for this prestigious award. The Levi's campaign used eye-catching static creatives to showcase the 501® range and build brand storytelling, allowing them to meet their target audience where they spend most of their free time, within their favorite games. The results speak for themselves, and it was great to see yet another brand leverage gaming to supercharge their campaign."
— Chris Keogh, Global Partnerships Director, Anzu

See the campaign in action during this short video, and find out more about how the campaign performed in this case study.

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Nick Woodford

Nick works as Anzu's Content Lead. As a gamer with a background working in AdTech, he has a unique perspective on the industry and the in-game advertising sector.

Nick Woodford