Anzu Forms Partnership with Addressable Media Firm aMVG

"As an industry leader, aMVG has demonstrated their commitment to bringing relevant ads to relevant audiences at relevant times."

In-game ads platform Anzu has partnered with Turkish addressable media ad tech firm aMVG.

As per the agreement, aMVG will serve as Anzu's official partner in Turkey, where the games market has reached a value of $1 billion. Furthermore, the AdTech firm will also represent Anzu across Europe, where the market is believed to hit $23 billion this year.


"We at aMVG believe that data is a science. Just like a chemist needs to understand all of the ingredients when preparing medicine, AdTech professionals need to understand all of the elements when preparing the best audiences for their clients. aMVG developed the TVAdBox platform to do just that.

This platform collects regulated opt-in data through connected TVs, SetTopBoxes, mobile devices, and IOT devices unified with the user. With this power of user unification across devices, brands are able to interact with consumers from the best device and screen on a custom, time-shifted journey.

Our partnership with Anzu will enable us to add gaming platforms to our growing list of devices, and to ultimately serve our customers better. Lastly, consoles are going to be a new medium for brands to touch end-users with the power of the data and now we are ready to go."

- Berk Uder, CEO & Partner, AMVG


Better together

Through the new partnership, brands will be able to reach both new and existing customers in-game as Anzu's ads platform will be integrated with aMVG's addressable media platform, TVAdBox.

Moreover, Anzu will open up its exclusive games inventory for current TVAdBox customers. The company will also aid aMVG when it comes to in-game brand advertising throughout Europe.


"Our mission at Anzu is to make advertising in games better. We're thrilled to have aMVG as a new partner in advancing that mission in the booming space of Turkish digital advertising and gaming, as well as across Europe.

As an industry leader, aMVG has demonstrated their commitment to bringing relevant ads to relevant audiences at relevant times -- all crucial keys to successful targeting in today's oversaturated advertising landscape.

By combining Anzu's blended in-game advertising technology with aMVG's pioneering TVAdBox, we can work together to ensure that local brands in the Turkish market and those across Europe are reaching the best possible audiences in the most efficient and effective ways."

- Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder & CEO, Anzu


AMVG has become the latest in a long line of partnerships formed by Anzu. Last October, the in-game ads specialist paired up with Virtuverse for non-intrusive in-game ads. Before that, Anzu extended its partnership with Axis Games.

Furthermore, the company has teamed up with gaming venue and esports organization Veritas Entertainment, and international tech agency League-M.

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