Anzu And Media Pulse Announce Exclusive Partnership In Canada, Unlocking In-Game Advertising At Scale For Canadian Brands

The deal brings the most advanced in-game advertising solution to Canada, offering brands organic opportunities to connect with gamers across multiple devices and the metaverse

Anzu, the world’s most advanced intrinsic in-game advertising platform, announced today a partnership with Media Pulse, a Blue Ant Media company and leader in Canada’s connected TV marketplace. The deal will see both companies exclusively partner to help advertisers across Canada connect with hard-to-reach, highly engaged audiences via non-intrusive in-game advertising. Advertisers will be able to seamlessly integrate their brands into the gaming experience via worldwide partnerships with industry leaders, such as Ubisoft, Socialpoint, and Gameloft. Media Pulse will exclusively represent all of Anzu’s in-game inventory for Canada, covering popular gaming titles across platforms.

"We recognize that brands understand how important gaming should be in the marketing mix, and have been looking for a way to insert their advertising messages authentically without disrupting the gaming experience,” says Mitch Dent, SVP, Media Sales & Group Publisher, Canada, Blue Ant Media. “With this deal, Media Pulse is primed to offer its clients greater opportunities to get their brands in front of millions of eyeballs.”

“Media Pulse is at the forefront of delivering high attention advertising in fast-growing mediums to advertisers, and in-game advertising is a phenomenal extension to our business," says Deborah Gurofsky, Co-Founder and VP, Partnerships, Media Pulse. "Together with Anzu, Media Pulse can offer our clients the biggest inventory of in-game advertising opportunities available, covering a variety of popular titles and genres across mobile, PC, console and the metaverse. We now have the potential to reach millions of Canadians nationwide across a variety of demographic profiles.”

“23 million Canadians play video games, representing 61% of the population. We are excited to partner with Media Pulse and Blue Ant Media to bring our non-disruptive intrinsic in-game advertising solution to advertisers in this region to help them establish meaningful connections with this hugely rich and diverse audience,” says Mark Leonard, Senior Director of Clients and Partners, Anzu.

Designed to bring a sense of realism and immersion into the gameplay experience, the in-game ads will appear in locations where gamers would expect to find ads in real life, this includes: billboards, bus stops, on the side of vehicles, etc., acting as a digital form of traditional marketing. In-game ads also target a diverse age demographic, since generations of adults have been part of the gaming ecosystem and are now introducing this activity to younger family members. 

With its success in the Canadian connected TV marketplace, paired with Blue Ant’s history in the gaming sector, Media Pulse is positioned as the leader to deliver high attention advertising to market for its clients. Canadian advertisers working with Media Pulse and Anzu will also benefit from guaranteed viewable impressions, detailed campaign reporting, attention and brand lift measurement.