Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd. ("Anzu", "we", "our") is committed to providing outstanding customer service and brand safety for our brand clients. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the advertising is suitable for the game, for the game’s PEGI rating. This Brand Safety Policy sets out Anzu's governance process to ensure brand safety for our brand customers.


“OMP” or “Open Auction” means a category of Real Time Bidding that is open to any bidder (Advertiser).


“PMP” or “Private Auction” means a category of Real Time Bidding reserved for certain Advertisers or DSP based on pre-established criteria identified by a Deal ID.




Anzu solution allow customers to follow its regulatory guidelines and choices due to the nature of their product, for example, geo-restrictions (e.g., based on local laws restricting advertising), app/site restrictions based on age and content adjacency issues. Anzu offers customers the possibility to customize and control specific issues and preferences at the moment of using Anzu’s services, including, without limitation, the type of advertisement, vendors to be used, targeting preferences, and creatives being used. All of such customizations opportunities allow the customer to an increased layer of protection.


Content Verification


With respect to IO, OMP and PMP campaigns, Anzu enforces brand safety rules with the ability to pause, block and/or remove the delivery of ads, where those ads are inconsistent with the campaign, game, or demographic at any point during the campaign’s life. Our targeting engine can block unwanted categories and ensures ads are not landing on games associated with those set categories or on specifically unwanted locations. 


Anzu also hosts a range of third party verification tags to allow clients to have an independent auditor validate delivery across our network.


Transparency & Partnerships 


Anzu works with exchanges which offer high quality, transparent inventory and suppliers which we have trusted relationships with. We do market-standard efforts to ensure and invests in close relationships with our exchange partners to enable best possible practices from both sides and included in this is the ability to optimize supply to minimize risk and maximize brand safety. As well as transparent and trusted relationships, we conduct regular audits of our exchange partners to maintain the maximum levels of brand safety possible.


Anzu enforces a manual and human check of all direct campaign creatives before they are placed in a game to ensure they meet the below category standards and any game-specific requirements. This comprehensive approval process is mandatory for all brands and creatives, regardless of origin, and aims to be completed within 24 hours of submission. For OMP and PMP campaigns we have an in-house creative scanning solution detecting anomalies in creatives in real time before being served.


Anzu provides live screenshots of ad placements after the campaign is live to Advertisers.


Anzu reserves the rights to reject any game application, advertising, advertising copy or brand, and to suspend, remove, or terminate any advertising, brand campaign, or partnership where it reasonably determines that there has been a violation of our standards, or where the content or copy is considered inappropriate.


Anzu's Blacklist and Whitelist


For OMP & PMP campaigns, Anzu whitelist/blacklists the following in accordance with Advertiser requests: Publisher, App/Game, Country, and Platform.


For IO and PMP advertisers, a pre-approved whitelist is taken at campaign sale and will be delivered to accordingly through the campaign.


For OMP campaigns, the placement details (game, country etc.) are communicated through the bid request and the Advertiser can choose whether or not to bid on that placement (effectively creating their own Whitelist within the bidding platform they are using).


Anzu maintains a blacklist of domains that have been flagged as containing inappropriate content. This blacklist is updated on a regular basis using human processes, proprietary technology and insights from third party partners such as ad exchanges and advertisers, to minimize the risk of ads appearing against:

       Adult content including (but not limited to) nudity, pornography, or any explicit sexual conduct

       Sexual assault and child abuse content

       Graphic violence or death

       Promotion of illegal drugs or illegal criminal activity

       Copyright Infringement

       Hate speech


       Illegal downloads or online piracy

       Offensive language or obscenity

       Spam or harmful sites

Take Down Notice

In the very unlikely event that one of our ads is published on a game that is deemed inappropriate or in the case of misplacement, we will make every reasonable effort to take it down as soon as possible, irrespective of whether it was bought directly or indirectly. All takedown requests received within Israel business hours (Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 5.30pm IST) will be actioned within 1 business day of confirmed receipt. We deem inappropriate content to be any material that is illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing or that will infringe copyright, trademark, confidence, privacy or any other right.


The contractual consequences of not taking reasonable steps to remove an ad from an unsuitable website upon written request are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To contact us with a takedown request, please email: