Want to display
name brand ads
in your game?

Willing to create
more realistic
in-game experiences?

Not sure how to
maximize your
monetization revenues?

Find the solution below.

As game developers ourselves, we know
how you feel.

To help relieve that pain we bring you Anzu.

Limitless Ad Potential
Monetize any object inside
a game and display 10x more ads
throughout the entire user session
New Revenue Stream
Open a new channel of revenue
without compromising your current
monetization model
Uninterrupted Gameplay
Introduce in-game ads into
your game worlds and never
interrupt user sessions

Why Choose Anzu

Cross-Platform Light SDK

The cutting-edge SDK is based on a highly optimized
C++ code, only 400KB per CPU architecture, available
across platforms on mobile, PC, and console

Monetization Solution

Public Marketplace
Maximize the value of every impression with our global
demand partners – top-tier DSPs and Ad Exchanges

Private Marketplace
Gain access to our hand-picked brand advertisers and
choose the right fit for your audience

Ad Serving Solution
Launch in-house campaigns to cross-promote new
titles across your audience and set up direct deals
with the existing advertisers

Detailed Reporting &
Real-Time Analytics

Analyze your campaign performance, audit revenue
data, and make smart decisions with real-time
intelligence and advanced reporting

Total Inventory Сontrol

Measure the quality of every demand source and
maintain control over ad formats, floor prices and
what ads your audience is being exposed to